Presentations Of Science base

POSbase (Presentations Of Science base) is a database of PowerPoint presentations from
different scientific disciplines. At the moment, there exists a prototype with presentations
from experimental psychology.

Please have a look!

The presentations can be used by teachers for their lecture courses, or by students,
for example to learn from the database in a distance learning course or as a first
source for doing assignments.

POSbase is a highly flexible system that suits needs of a diverse student population,
from freshmen to graduate students. For example, novices can browse presentations on the
psychology of memory and access the links to keywords that explain technical terms.
Advanced students, however, may go through the presentations on the topics to be learned,
without accessing the terms they already know, and they can leave out presentations on studies
they already know.

POSbase will be run like a peer-reviewed journal; anybody is invited to share his or her
expertise. In this way, we try to build up a growing corpus of classical and recent scientific studies.

An article about example choice and interest has been accepted by the Journal of the Learning Sciences. For a preprint, mail: Rolf Reber

More information:
About the content of POSbase.
Developement of the prototype.
Copyright and liability.

Last updated: June 21, 2011, by: Rolf Reber

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